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NOR began operations by mailing Currents magazine

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NOR distributes its literature to the public, lawyers and government agencies

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To educate the public about public rights on rivers

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We inform government agencies, landowners, and the public

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The present NOR directors are seeking additional directors to serve on the national Board of Directors.

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Does a landowner's property deed include the river

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Conflicts will often arise when you are using rivers in controversy

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Public rights are routinely ignored, disregarded, and denied

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FAQs about federal law regarding public ownership, use, and conservation of rivers

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NOR is the organization that focuses on achieving public-trust ownership of rivers, conserving rivers through public-trust ownership, and ensuring the public's legal rights to enjoy rivers


CURRENTS 71: Help prevent conflict about river rights in New Mexico and other states

March 17, 2015

CURRENTS 71: Help prevent conflict about river rights in New Mexico and other statesThe New Mexico Legislature is about to vote on a bill that would create long-term conflict about river rights in New Mexico, and would also negatively influence river rights in other states. ... Continue reading »

CURRENTS 70: Negotiating to improve river access

February 20, 2015

CURRENTS 70: Negotiating to improve river accessTo make it easier for river users to negotiate for improved public access, NOR directors realized that there was a need for a short, inexpensive book that could be conveniently given to law enforcement officials and people in river businesses and organizations--people who decide whether the rivers and creeks of the nation are fully open to the public, or are partially or totally closed in many places. ... Continue reading »

Use the new book and poster to restore your rights on rivers everywhere

December 05, 2014

Use the new book to restore your rights in every state!Now you have materials that can quickly communicate your river access rights to government officials and riverfront landowners in any state ... Continue reading »

Freedom to use rivers

July 03, 2014

Freedom to use riversIn this Fourth of July season, it is good to consider what freedom means regarding your rights on rivers ... Continue reading »

Why are public rights on rivers an issue?

March 15, 2014

Why are public rights on rivers an issue?Public rights to fish, canoe, kayak, raft, hunt, and walk along the banks of rivers are an issue in modern times because of several recent movements (mainly since the 1970s) to deny the public’s use of rivers. ... Continue reading »

What are you buying when you buy riverfront property?

February 04, 2014

What are you buying when you buy riverfront property?Some riverfront landowners bring an urban mindset to owning property on a river: The notion that everything within the perimeter of a property is private, and any use of it by outsiders would be trespassing. What is the correct notion to have? ... Continue reading »

Take Your Stand and Be Empowered

January 15, 2014

Take Your Stand and Be EmpoweredDo you crave tangible impact for rivers in your area? When you donate, do you wonder where your support goes? Welcome to a new option offered by NOR: Sending river law information packets to the government agency (or person) of your choice. ... Continue reading »

Ringing in the New Year

December 31, 2013

Ringing in the New YearWhat a pivotal year 2013 has been for NOR! Since August, ground-breaking resources that have taken decades of work were made available for the public, and more are being developed for 2014. ... Continue reading »

Year-End Giving: How you can help make a difference in 2014

December 09, 2013

Year-End Giving: How you can help make a difference in 2014With revolutionary resources for the public that were released this year, NOR is just getting started with the campaign to educate people nationwide about public rights on rivers. You can help public rights on rivers be acknowledged and protected, now and for future generations. ... Continue reading »

Exciting Holiday Happenings at NOR!

December 04, 2013

Exciting Holiday Happenings at NOR!The eventful and exciting holiday season is in full swing at NOR! We are thrilled to announce a free sample of the book, Public Rights on Rivers, is now available for download. Also, two Holiday Specials are now available! ... Continue reading »

A fisherman’s story: How NOR materials helped get river rights acknowledged

November 22, 2013

A fisherman’s story: How NOR materials helped get river rights acknowledgedFor over a decade, NOR has produced materials to help the public understand the law when using rivers for non-destructive recreation. This includes a wide array of activities, such as fishing, canoeing, kayaking, rafting, duck hunting, swimming, walking along the banks, picnicking along the banks, and so on. One river user who was able to use NOR materials to help get river rights recognized was Ed, a fisherman in Illinois. In three places along the Fox River, Ed used information from the NOR website to stop fishermen from being ticketed, get a “No Trespassing” sign taken down, and continue ice fishing near where he lives. ... Continue reading »

New Posters About Public Rights on Rivers

October 22, 2013

New Posters About Public Rights on RiversThe new poster, “Public Rights on Rivers in the United States,” is now available for free downloading and distribution, in print and by e-mail. There is also a handout version. There is also a poster and handout specifically for Colorado. ... Continue reading »

A private river: Fantasy or reality?

October 10, 2013

A private river: Fantasy or reality?Is it legal for someone to have a private river? Can someone block or limit public navigation (including kayaking, canoeing, rafting) and fishing on the segment of river that runs through their property? Can a club or landowner charge the public to fish on a river, or recreate? These are questions that have been disputed since the 1970s. The good news: There is an answer supported by facts! Are you willing to take a second look at this issue? ... Continue reading »

The government shutdown: River rights being wrongfully denied

October 03, 2013

The government shutdown: River rights being wrongfully deniedThe last few days of the government shut down have been a prime example of the serious legal problems associated with national public river access. Public rights to access rivers are being wrongfully denied. Just because politicians can’t settle on the nation’s funding does not mean accessing rivers—which are public passage ways—should be denied. ... Continue reading »

FREE ACTIVIST MEMBERSHIP for 1st Place in the Social Media Competition

September 18, 2013

FREE ACTIVIST MEMBERSHIP for 1st Place in the Social Media CompetitionFrom today (Sept. 18) until October 2nd, 2013, we will be having a social media competition. 1st place will receive a FREE 1 year Activist Membership, a $60 value! It includes the book "Public Rights on Rivers," "Currents" monthly e-newsletter, NOR Member Area access, state-by-state news, detailed river law pages in the Member Area, mailed new member welcome packet with NOR bumper sticker and t-shirt, and one delivery of NOR materials to a government agency in your area. ... Continue reading »

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