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NOR began operations by mailing Currents magazine

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NOR distributes its literature to the public, lawyers and government agencies

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To educate the public about public rights on rivers

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We inform government agencies, landowners, and the public

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Want to be active in helping advance the mission of public rights to use rivers?

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The present NOR directors are seeking additional directors to serve on the national Board of Directors.

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River Law Fact Or Fiction »
Does a landowner's property deed include the river

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Conflicts will often arise when you are using rivers in controversy

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Public rights are routinely ignored, disregarded, and denied

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FAQs about federal law regarding public ownership, use, and conservation of rivers

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NOR is the organization that focuses on achieving public-trust ownership of rivers, conserving rivers through public-trust ownership, and ensuring the public's legal rights to enjoy rivers

Why you should believe NOR literature

Why should believe NOR literature

The NOR message about public rights is different from what other organizations typically say. Why should you trust NOR literature about kayaking, canoeing, fishing, rafting, fowling, and public rights on river banks, rather than what other organizations say?

1. Because you can verify it for yourself

The book Public Rights on Rivers lays out the development of river law from ancient times to the present, and the relevant statutes and court decisions are now on the internet for everyone to read. You can see for yourself that Public Rights on Rivers is giving you the straight story.

2. Because there is no opposing book

There are other articles and arguments, but Public Rights on Rivers is the only book-length investigation into the history of river uses and the development of river law. Other websites, articles, and arguments typically summarize second-hand information, much of it written by people working to deny public rights on rivers.

3. Because it has withstood the test of time

For over a decade, NOR has been distributing its literature to lawyers and government agencies who deny or doubt public rights on rivers. If there were a valid rebuttal, they would have made it by now. When you compare their theories side by side with Public Rights on Rivers, their theories don’t add up.

4. Because there is no conflict of interest involved

There is no commercial interest funding NOR. It’s a nonprofit, educational organization. It has no motive for misrepresenting the truth of the matter. If something about NOR literature isn’t accurate, it gets fixed. Meanwhile, other organizations do have conflicts of interest, even if they aren’t obvious (for example, board members who have conflicts of interest.)

5. Because lawyers typically get paid to litigate, not to say that a legal issue has already been settled by the U.S. Supreme Court

When a riverfront landowner pays a lawyer to sue a rafting company or a canoe outfitter, what the lawyer says about river law must be taken in that light: As skewing the information for a narrow private interest as opposed to your public interest. 

6. Because government agencies respond to politics, not law

Government agencies depend on current politicians for their funding. Sometimes they say what current politicians want to hear. They don’t conduct an independent investigation into river law, then report their conclusions to the public. Only NOR does that.

The bottom line

Your rights to navigate, fish, and walk along the banks of the rivers of America are too important to be given away for political reasons involving conflicts of interest. Read, understand, and support the NOR message. Defend your legal rights to enjoy America’s rivers now and for the future.

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