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About NOR

The NOR Story »
NOR began operations by mailing Currents magazine

Why Believe NOR Literature »
NOR distributes its literature to the public, lawyers and government agencies

Our Mission and Vision »
To educate the public about public rights on rivers

How NOR Works for You »
We inform government agencies, landowners, and the public

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Want to be active in helping advance the mission of public rights to use rivers?

NOR Directors »
The present NOR directors are seeking additional directors to serve on the national Board of Directors.

Learn More About River Law

River Law Fact Or Fiction »
Does a landowner's property deed include the river

On-River Conflicts »
Conflicts will often arise when you are using rivers in controversy

Why You Need the eBook Public Rights on Rivers »
Public rights are routinely ignored, disregarded, and denied

Frequently Asked Questions »
FAQs about federal law regarding public ownership, use, and conservation of rivers

Why River Rights? »
NOR is the organization that focuses on achieving public-trust ownership of rivers, conserving rivers through public-trust ownership, and ensuring the public's legal rights to enjoy rivers

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Cover of Every State bookNEW BOOK: Public Rights on Rivers in Every State and through Federal Lands

This is a breakthrough for your rights on rivers! This new short, inexpensive book explains your rights to canoe, kayak, fish, and walk along the banks of rivers and creeks in every state that are physically navigable in canoes or kayaks. It also explains how to obtain permits to take overnight river trips through the Grand Canyon, the Middle Fork of the Salmon, and other rivers through federal lands, without applying to a lottery year after year. Order this book now and start restoring your rights on rivers everywhere ... Learn more ยป

River Blog

CURRENTS 71: Help prevent conflict about river rights in New Mexico and other states

March 17, 2015

The New Mexico Legislature is about to vote on a bill that would create long-term conflict about river rights in New Mexico, and would also . . . Read more »


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